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‘The Happy Chef’ To Release New Psychedelics Cookbook

Edible Dee, The Happy Chef, shot to the spotlight after participating on Netflix’s (NASDAQ: NFLX) “Cooking on High” and releasing a cannabis cookbook with Cypress Hill’s B-Real.

On July 18, Dee is launching a new book focused on cooking with psychedelics after almost three years of work: “DELiC DiSHES.”

The book is defined as an interactive, autobiographical psychedelics cookbook, featuring only vegan or vegetarian recipes. What makes the book interactive are its flip book  attributes (illustrated by @PrettyDone) and spaces for coloring.  

We’re Not In Virginia Any More

In this book, Dee shares her story: how a small-town girl from Virginia left everything she knew behind to pursue her passion in the cannabis industry, how she got into cooking cannabis edibles, her move to the West Coast and more.

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Dee also shares some behind the scenes stories on how she started working with B-Real, George Clinton and the Parliament Funkadelic, and Snoop Dogg’s MerryJane; how she came to be featured on “Cooking On High”; and how that evolved into a live cooking show in Las Vegas.

Finally, she goes into some of the troubles she experienced in the cannabis space, ad how she found solace in psychedelic medicines such as kambo, ayahuasca and psilocybin.

The book also looks into the known science around psychedelic medicines including sapo, DMT, LSD, molly, ecstasy, peyote, mescaline, ketamine, kava kava, psilocybin and more, seeking to educate readers on the compounds in them, and how they have been used as medicines over centuries.


The cookbook portion of the book focuses on cooking with psilocybin, kava kava and cannabis.

“I go into the benefits and healing that I found with psilocybin through micro-dosing psilocybin as well as combining with cannabis in recipes in the book,” Dee tells Benzinga. “All the recipes are vegan/vegetarian to showcase the synergies of how plants (or food) work together and enhancing the effects making the one consuming medicine work better.”

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“Behind certain recipes I also as part of the autobiographical portion share an experience had on that recipe called, ‘Tales From The Trip’,” she adds, noting that many of these stories include very well known celebrities and twists that will surprise readers.

Check out more info on the book here.

Noticias sobre psicodélicos en Español en El Planteo.

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