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Psilocybin Magic Mushrooms are Now a Publicly Traded Investment Vehicle: COMPASS Pathways (NASDAQ:CMPS)

March 28, 2022

George Goldsmith is the Chairman, CEO and Co-Founder of COMPASS Pathways PLC (NASDAQ:CMPS)

George Goldsmith, CEO, COMPASS Pathways PLC (NASDAQ:CMPS) developer of psilocybin magic mushrooms.

George Goldsmith is the Chairman, CEO and Co‑Founder of COMPASS Pathways (NASDAQ:CMPS).

Mr. Goldsmith’s early training and experience was a multi-disciplinary blending of cognitive psychology, clinical psychology and computer science. His first company, The Human Interface Group, was a pioneer in collaborative software and was acquired by Lotus Development.

Mr. Goldsmith led the Lotus Institute and developed software and services to support high-performance, distributed teamwork. He then created TomorrowLab, which provided strategic guidance to internet businesses in the late 1990s.

At the same time, he became a senior advisor to McKinsey & Company’s leadership, and eventually joined McKinsey as CEO of TomorrowLab@McKinsey.

Subsequently, as a member of the Young Presidents Organisation (YPO) and its International Board of Directors, Mr. Goldsmith founded YPO Networks.

In 2002, He founded Tapestry Networks, an organization committed to improving leadership performance and governance effectiveness in regulated sectors.

He still serves as Tapestry Networks’ Non-Executive Chairman.

In this 3,683 word interview, exclusively in the Wall Street Transcript, George Goldsmith the CEO of COMPASS Pathways PLC (NASDAQ:CMPS) details his company’s development of psilocybin magic mushrooms as an investment.

“So we’re working with a very interesting substance called psilocybin and developing a psychedelic medicine.

Psilocybin is an active ingredient in what are often referred to as magic mushrooms. What we’ve developed is a synthetic form, so no mushrooms are harmed in our work!

Our psilocybin, COMP360, is a synthetic pill developed to the highest standards of pharmaceutical development. We have FDA breakthrough therapy designation. So we’re developing this as a medicine.

But what’s really different is it’s not just a medicine. It’s a model of care, with people being supported carefully with specially trained therapists who are present during this powerful psychedelic experience.

And what we find with this is that it gives people a chance to see their life differently, to have less negativity in how they see their life and how they perceive events, and also to have less of that kind of rumination and that kind of constant internal voice.

You know, “Gee, this may not work out well…what if I go into this, will it really work for me… I’ve had this really hard life and I’m just going to continue to have the hard life.”

We know people like this where there’s just that inner voice of expectation. And what our psilocybin therapy seems to do is it has people see their world in a more positive fashion, disconnecting them from some of that negativity, and also to have less of that inner voice constantly talking things down, but really taking a more positive and a more present view of their life.”

Get the complete detail on the development of psilocybin magic mushrooms in this publicly traded company by reading the entire 3,683 word interview, with George Goldsmith the CEO of COMPASS Pathways PLC (NASDAQ:CMPS) exclusively in the Wall Street Transcript.



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