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Microdosing VS. Macrodosing Magic Mushrooms feat. Julianne Keu

In today’s interview with Julianne Keu, the famous Microdoser, discusses both her experiences microdosing and macrodosing psychedelics.

For microdosing psilocybin, Keu discusses how the practice made her more mindful of her surrounds, and helped her meditate. Over the months of microdosing, she saw her depression and anxiety lessen and eventually disappear.

However, microdosing psychedelics did not heal the darkness inside of her. For that, she needed to take a full dose of psychedelics with a shaman. This helped heal her childhood trauma. The higher dose psilocybin ceremony healed her, and was one of the most transformational experiences of her life.

In fact, in the 6 gram “shamanic dose” of psilocybin, Julianne Keu experienced her mother’s memories. This ultimately helped their relationship.
Can Magic mushrooms heal depression?
Can Magic Mushrooms heal anxiety?
For Julieanne Keu, the answer was yes.

*To learn more about Julianne, visit: JulianneKeu.com

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