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Interview with Sam Chapman, Executive Director of the Healing Advocacy Fund

This week on the Psychedelic Spotlight podcast, we talk with Sam Chapman. Sam is a resident of Portland, Oregon, he was the Campaign Manager for Oregon Measure 109, and is now the Executive Director of the Healing Advocacy Fund, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting the nation’s first regulated psilocybin therapy program. This episode takes an interesting look at how Oregon plans to expand access and equity for their psychedelic assisted-therapy services, which Oregon voters passed in 2020.

We also hear Sam’s thoughts on other states’ psychedelic policies, and he provides advice for people who want to get involved in drug legislature in their cities and states. Lastly, he gives insight into the future of the psychedelic field and what he hopes to see in terms of psychedelic legalization, decriminalization, and education.

To learn more and connect, please visit https://healingadvocacyfund.org/ and check out https://www.oregon.gov/oha/PH/PREVENTIONWELLNESS/Pages/Oregon-Psilocybin-Services.aspx to stay up to date on Oregon Measure 109’s progress.

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