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DEA Calls for Massive Increase in Cannabis and Psilocybin Production

In a notice posted to the Federal Registry, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) recommended increased production of cannabis and psychedelics for the development of federally approved drugs, Marijuana Moment reports.

Specifically, the DEA is asking for “significant increases” in the production of “the schedule I substances psilocybin, psilocin, marihuana, and marihuana extract (sic) … for research and clinical trial purposes.”

“DEA firmly believes in supporting regulated research of schedule I controlled substances. Therefore, the [Aggregate Production Quota] increases reflect the need to fulfill research and development requirements in the production of new drug products, and the study of marijuana effects in particular, as necessary steps toward potential [FDA] approval of new drug products.” — Excerpt from the DEA notice

The notice calls for the production of two million grams (about 4,400 pounds) of cannabis, which is an increase of 500,000 grams, . Additionally, the DEA wants to double its cannabis extract production to 500,000 grams this year. Psilocybin quotas are dramatically increased from 50 grams to 1,500 grams and quotas for psilocin—a second active molecule in some mushroom species—are increased from 50 grams to 1,000 grams, according to the report.

The recommendation reflects changing moods in the country surrounding cannabis and psychedelics: 38 states have medical cannabis outlets, 18 states have adult-use cannabis laws on the books, and Oregon has legalized medical psilocybin therapy.

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