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Brelyn Bowman Bride Presented Father with ‘Certificate of Purity’

A Maryland bride went above and beyond to prove she’d kept the purity promise she’d made to her father when she was 13 years old.

At her Oct. 10 wedding, Brelyn Bowman presented her pastor father Mike Freeman with a “certificate of purity” signed by her doctor stating that her hymen was still intact.

Brelyn says her father in no way required the certificate, but says “I wanted to show him, ‘Dad, I kept my word and this is what I did to show you.’ It was my way to honor him,” Bowman tells Good Day DC, alongside her husband Tim Bowman Jr., who also promised to remain a virgin until marriage.

Since their story has gone viral, the newlyweds – who dated for three years before marrying – have gotten both negative and positive feedback about their decision.

“There are people who have different view points and different ways of looking at it, and I’d like them to respect our views as I would their views,” says Tim. “We just disagree.”

Tim adds that Brelyn was clear from the beginning of their relationship about the covenant contract she’d signed with her father.

“She is very forward and upfront about what she wants,” says the singer. “Before we even started dating we made sure our mindsets lined up.”

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Though the two say it was important to honor their religious belief of abstinence until marriage, they admit it wasn’t always easy.

“It’s not that we didn’t want to have sex because we were created that way,” says Brelyn. “We wanted to, but we had that accountability with each other and others.”

“We believe if you value yourself,” she added, “you can do it.”

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