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Ayahuasca treatment of a former NFL star: “I woke up and I was a baby”



Kerry Rodhes, former defender of the Nets and Cardinals, traveled to Costa Rica and put himself in the hands of a chamn to deal with his depression

Rhodes, in an image of the documentary ‘The Medicine’.

The Medicine

“I really didn’t know what I was doing. When it hits you, you see prisms and shapes and things like that. I could see incredible things. But I got scared. I had to say to myself: ‘Everything is going well, you’re fine, for this you signed up “, recounts this Tuesday Kerry Rhodes , former NFL player, in ‘The Guardian’ and, in his memory, the strangest experience of his life: when he traveled to Costa Rica to undergo a treatment with ayahuasca directed by the chamn Taita Juanito Guerillmo Chindoy ChindoY. The former defense of the New York Nets (2005-2009) and the Arizona Cardinals (2010-2012) sought to overcome a depression, wanted to meet and ended up doing it, according to his explanation, after hallucinations that consist, for example, of returning To be a fetus or a baby.

“Once I woke up and I was a baby in a crib. I saw myself in the first and third person. And I was crying, but nobody came to hug me. And in a moment, in the middle of the hallucination, I realized that I didn’t need to nobody would hug me, that I could put my thumb in my mouth and stop crying. I realized that I don’t need anybody, “Rhodes writes in the middle, who let him film part of his experience in the documentary The Medicine. In the piece you can see the trip of the former player and the ceremonies prior to the consumption of ayahuasca, but by order of the chamn, he stops recording afterwards.

Rhodes’ career ended abruptly in 2012 due to contractual problems, although according to his coaches his character did not help. Now he seems to be a new man. “My idea of ​​love was for other people to help me and tell me that I am great. In ceremonies I realized that I depend too much on others when it really didn’t have to be,” Rhodes says that, after his sports career, he He has recycled as an actor. He has appeared in the soap opera If Loving You Is Wrong and in the comedy Tragedy Girls and is already working on a new movie. According to his explanation, he now periodically visits Costa Rica to meet the chamn Taita Juanito Guerillmo Chindoy Chindoy and thus keeps his ghosts on the sidelines.

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