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6 Crazy Facts About Magic Mushrooms

“Nature alone is antique, and the oldest art a mushroom.” – Thomas Carlyle

Magic Mushrooms also referred to as psilocybin mushrooms or magic mushrooms, consist of a high amount of Psilocin, Gymnopilus, Psilocybin, and Inocybe. Out of all the elements present in a magic mushroom, microdosing psilocybin has an active & powerful impact on one’s health and lifestyle.

However, the FDA has not given the nod. Still, researchers claim psilocybin to hold the potential to treat several behavioral disorders, including smoking cessation, addictions, depression, psychological distress, anxiety, panic attacks, etc. You can get more info here about other health benefits of magic mushrooms.

Let’s get back to the untold facts about magic mushrooms (shrooms).

  1. Hyper connects the brain – People often live with the misconception that psilocybin makes human beings unconscious. Instead, it is one such component that boosts the brain’s functioning and connectivity. To prove this statement, more than 15 volunteers consumed a certain amount of psilocybin and underwent an fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging) machine at King’s College London. The test conducted found better brain synchronization and functioning. 
  2. Kills phobia – It may sound strange, but researchers claim psilocybin fixes post-traumatic stress disorder. According to a 2013 research conducted on mice, psilocybin freezes the mind temporarily (without causing it damage). This proved when the mice do not react even when kept closer to an electric shock experience. The experiment reduced the mice’s mind and physical activities while relaxing their nerves.
  3. The Santa connection – As per John Rush, a Sierra College Anthropologist, Siberian Shamans used to bring hallucinogenic mushrooms as presents for winters. You can get more info here about how to have shrooms as your perfect dessert. One of the rare species of these mushrooms, named Amanita Muscaria, had a similar appearance as Santa’s apparel (red and white color). Probably, that’s why the chocolate magical mushrooms are quite high in demand.
  4. Makes you mentally healthy – Mushrooms containing a decent amount of psilocybin are not just safe but carry tantalizing abilities to improve one’s mental state. Resulting, many researchers see it as a wonder drug showcasing promising effects. Further, as per Johns Hopkins University, a moderate quantity of psilocybin when infused with psychotherapy helps cancer patients to fight back depression and anxiety. Consistent intake of magical mushrooms improved the health of more than 80% of volunteers.
  5. Terence McKenna made ‘magical mushrooms’ conventional – Terence McKenna was an Ethnobotanist and a Writer who made magic mushrooms a hotshot in the United States drug market. He got to discover the untold benefits of psilocybin mushrooms when he was a teenager and went to Amazon in 1971. Later, after 5 years of research, Mckenna along with his brother published a book “Psilocybin: Magic Mushroom Grower’s Guide.” The foreword of the book read – “What is described is only slightly more complicated than canning or making jelly,” wrote Terence McKenna. 

The concluding words –

Shrooms contain psilocybin which comes under Schedule I drug type consists of numerous health benefits. Right from stabilizing one’s mental state to fighting back depression, it does wonders to people dealing with stress issues. The best part is, one can consume magic mushrooms in different ways like dessert (mushroom chocolate), starters (mushroom spaghetti), shroom pesto (delectable dip), etc.

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