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12 things ‘Nine Perfect Strangers’ gets right and wrong about psychedelics retreats, according to experts

A facilitator typically guides people through their trips.

Masha and her wellness consultants — Delilah, Glory, and Yao — watch over the Tranquillum House guests throughout their stay at the retreat, monitoring their overall reactions to the psilocybin. 

Yao, Glory, and Delilah take on more of the “camp counselor” role by guiding the group and leading their daily activities. Masha, on the other hand, assumes the responsibility of asking the guests probing, uncomfortable questions that force them to confront their trauma.

During a psilocybin retreat, guests also work with guides, often called facilitators, while they trip on full doses of “magic” mushrooms, according to Austin. 

He said Masha’s probing questions would be considered an overstep for a real-life psychedelic facilitator, who is supposed to guide you through trauma, not elicit it.

“Facilitators are really just there to support you, to help out with anything challenging that’s coming up,” Austin said.

That could include walking a retreat participant to the bathroom, providing a bucket and calming voice while they vomit, or reminding them they’re not alone while they’re tripping.

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